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Improv @ Deli

15 Jul 2023 13:00 - 22:00

1pm-2.30pm | Discuss: Bringing Improvisation into Theatre Panel Discussion

This panel will explore the ways that improvisation can enrich the future of theatre in the UK, and how improv practitioners can better collaborate with the wider theatre world. Great for creative practitioners of all levels looking to develop their craft.

The panel will include Mark Smith, Joe Thompson, Tommi Bryson and a representative from Theatre Deli.

3pm - 5pm | Take part: Improv @Deli Workshop

Take part in this exciting workshop exploring the wonderful world of improv with Mark Smith, actor/director/improviser who ran Liverpool Improvisation Festival 2023 and lecturer at John Moores University.

This is a fun workshop with play (spontaneity) built into the heart of it. This workshop will explore how group image / stage picture / shape (literal and abstract) and the voice (non- text) can enhance transitions (edits) and offers within scenes. Participants will also explore individual shape (the body) and develop simple techniques that unlock physical characteristics - useful building blocks in generating memorable characters for your fellow players and audience. Each of these elements when paired with spoken text create an exciting additional layer and can be applied in both short and long form improv. This workshop is appropriate to those who are new to improv or those who want to explore a different approach.

7.30 - 8.30pm | Watch: Improv @Deli Show  

See premium improv from groups from across Sheffield and the wider North. Come see what makes improv one of the fastest growing artforms in the UK.

Joined at the Quip presents: Bottle

Alex and Bobby are Joined at the Quip. Together they create surreal, hilarious and heartfelt scenes and characters on the spot, inspired by your suggestions. Bottle is a monoscene which draws inspiration from the so-called Bottle Episodes in serialised TV, when writers pressured to create low-budget episodes would trap two characters in a single location for the entire episode, often resulting in unusually deep and engaging character-driven storylines.

In Memoriam: Reborn by Jenet Le Lacheur

In Memoriam is a soloprov, first performed, pre-transition, from 2017-19. In this new girl-flavoured iteration watch Jenet breast boobily onto the stage and fondly remember, not a friend or acquaintance, but the person she once was! You get to choose her deadname and what she did for a living, and then watch as she wax lyricals for 15 minutes about how her egg cracked, before saying a final, clinching good riddance to the sad act she spent too many years pretending to be. Sound fun? Possibly not? Let's find out!


A fantasy themed, interactive comedy show where the audience gets to choose the adventure. A mix of improv comedy and role play games.

9 - 10pm | Take part: Improv @Deli Jam 

Have your very own chance to try improv! This audience jam will bring together audience members of all skill levels for an opportunity to engage in some theatrical play. With short form games, like those seen on the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway?, this jam will let everyone have a go at some improv comedy.


£20.00 for the whole day