Jacken Elswyth / Laura Hegarty

24 Feb 2024 19:00 - 22:00

Sonido Polifonico are delighted to welcome back clawhammer banjo-player extraordinaire Jacken Elswyth to Bishops’ House after a mesmerising show last year. They love Jacken’s music so much, they issued a lathe cut “Limekiln” in 2023, featuring her music and art.

Jacken is a member of the acclaimed Shovel Dance Collective, and as a solo artist, she similarly stretches the boundaries of the folk tradition, in fact on her latest album “Six Static Scenes” she shreds them into hypno-swirls of obsession and repetition, reminiscent of avant-fiddler Henry Flynt.

If you are a fan of the more experimental side of folk and a devotee of drone, this night is for you! Jacken’s talents extend to some beautiful medieval woodcuts so the Tudor environs of Bishops’ House are THE place to hear her play.

“Six Static Scenes works beautifully as an exercise in controlled chaos and hectic minimalism, and also as a modernist interpretation of an antiquated form. But if you look deeper, it represents something perhaps more important: it is a celebration of the other, the road not taken, and as such, it shows just how much scope there is for finding new and unrestricted paths in folk music. “ (Folk Radio)

Support comes from Laura Hegarty. Laura Hegarty makes songs about patterns, nature, landscape and history from the hills and edges of Sheffield. Laura is currently working on a sound and music project about trespass and common land - 'Where the Wild Things Are: Reconnecting Right to Roam.'.