Level Up Your Business on LinkedIn

04 Jul 2024 10:00 - 12:00



LinkedIn is the platform of choice for many entrepreneurs and business owners looking to build a strong professional network, connect with potential clients, and achieve their digital marketing goals. This workshop will equip you with the skills to leverage the power of LinkedIn, even with the free version of the platform.


In this 2-hour virtual workshop, we'll cover:

Building a great profile: Create a brilliant personal profile and business page to attract the right audience.

Build your network: Discover effective ways to connect with potential customers, collaborators, and like-minded people.

Content mastery: Learn to create engaging content that positions you as an expert in your field.

Engagement matters: Master the art of sparking conversations and building relationships on LinkedIn.

Leverage LinkedIn's built-in features: Including post-scheduling, AI-generated content, newsletters, events, and more.

Please note: This is workshop is hosted as a Zoom meeting. You must have a computer, laptop or tablet with at least a 10” screen, and microphone and audio capabilities in order to access the Workshop. A camera/webcam is optional, but recommended. A free Zoom account is also required. Further instructions for accessing the event will be emailed to participants in advance.

**Please only sign up to one of our events if you are definitely planning to attend. Spaces are limited and we want to make sure the businesses that really want this support get it.

If you can’t make an event, it’s no problem as long as you let us know before the workshop. If you sign-up and don’t attend an event, we will contact you afterwards to check in and if this happens more than once, it will jeopardise your ability to sign up to future events.**


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