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Living Legends (And Dead Ones Too)

23 Jun 2023 19:00 - 20:00

Join punk poet Brigitte Aphrodite on a wild literary road-trip, celebrating Living Legends (And Dead Ones Too) through original poetry, music, and stories.

With composition by Quiet Boy, the performance is a welcoming, communal experience: a conversation starter, and a raucous night out.

Brigitte delivers captivating, standalone odes to a glittering array of legends, highlighting both sung and unsung heroes who call our nation home.

The show collects local legends from every venue it is performed – including our very own Hillsborough heroes – which will appear on Brigitte’s beautifully illustrated dress and become part of the fabric and conversation of future performances as it tours around the country.

The show features dress design by Siobhan Hogan and legend illustrations by Megan Metcalf. Performance dates and times:

Friday 23 June, New Barrack Tavern: 7pm. Free/pay what you can Saturday 24 June, Gardeners Rest: 2pm. Free/Pay what you can


Free/Pay what you can