Living with the Past - A mixed group show

16 Jul 2022 - 27 Aug 2022

We live between tomorrow and yesterday. The past is always with us acting as foundations for our future. Living with the Past is our exploration of these foundations whether they are cultural,personal, physical or even geological.

Cupola Gallery have gathered together artists that traverse the past.

Artists: Katherine Sullivan, Dionne Hood, Helen Acklam, Gail Altschuler, Mary Mazziotti, Frances-Ann Norton, John Walmsley, Jo Liddle, Ben Snowden, Anne Menary, Ben Bucki, Daniel Bell, Joanna Hart, Sean Williams, Luigi Francischello, Andrew D. Clark, Maggie Thompson, Kate JacobLily Marsh, Klaus Pinter, Myfanwy Williams, Ashley Hanson, Alison Edmonds, Clare Phelan, Clare Chinnery, Jenny Pope, Imogen Perkin, Galina Belinscaia, Stephen Todd, Jane Fielder, Greg Kent, Andrew Sales, John Brokenshire, Susan Wright, Debbie Michaels, Jonathan Hooper, Pauline Rignall, Anna Matyus, Kate Adgie, Kate Adgie, Miguel Sopena, Fay Gibson, Joe Mallia, Heather McAteer, Fumi, Emma Whiting, Narbi Price, Viv Owen, Madeline Pick, Franz Petto, Andrew Cropper, Kathryn Watson, Jacqui Gallon, Simon Dobbs, Robin Clark, Mariel Borst Pauwels, Annita Mckee, Mario Lautier Vella, Kate Cornish.

Additional Information

Opening evening: Friday 15 July, 7:30-9:30pm – hospitality provided

Exhibition dates: 16 July - 27 August