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Mall Grab & Friends

23 Sep 2023 23:00 - 05:00

The amazing full line-up for the Steel City Dance Disks showcase at Hope Works on 23rd September. A real family affair! Come 'n' geddit!

A big welcome back to Mall Grab for another KILLLERRRRRR session.

A big warm welcome to Moktar & Anika who have their Hope Works premier performances too!

It’s going to pop sooooo much! Seriously, don't sleep on this its going to sell out.......guaranteed.

Also Hope Works have one more special announcement. They have a Mesters Takeover from the one and only Realhou$wives ft:

  • DJ Soyboi
  • Zubz
  • Son Of
  • Seren NRG
  • Mia b2b Jaz


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