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Mary Coughlan

27 Aug 2023 20:00

"A living link between Billie Holliday and Amy Winehouse” - Uncut

One of Ireland’s greatest jazz and blues singers; a true artist who has carved out a timeless and highly regarded career and a legion of fans worldwide. She’s overcome childhood trauma, alcoholism and drug addiction to become a musical force like no other.

Mary Coughlan is unique in blending the whiskey-blurred, smoke-seared, husky notes and laconic with of Billie Holiday and Peggy lee and the line of deep, down and dirty blues singers back to Memphis Minnie and Bessie Smith with the bitter-sweet defiance and despair of Edith Piaf.

All delivered in a delicious, Irish drawl that’s sceptical, rueful, mournful and melting, ardent for love, all in one voice.