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Medusa + Virtual Q&A

14 Jul 2023 18:00 - 21:00

Mariana, 21 years old, belongs to a world where she must do her utmost to keep up the appearance of a perfect woman.

In order to resist temptation, she and her girlfriends try their best to control everything and everyone around them.

And that includes the town sinners.

At night, their girl squad put on masks, hunt and beat up all women who have deviated from the right path.

However, the day will come when the urge to scream will be stronger than it ever has been…

Medusa is a unique horror film that satirises religious hypocrisy and sexism with a sharp and stylish edge.

Reclaim The Frame is a charity with a mission to champion marginalised perspectives in cinema, and to advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in film by fostering a community for those who make, show, release and watch them.

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The screening will be introduced by Reclaim The Frame Director Melanie Iredale and have a virtual Q&A with Filmmaker Anita Rocha da Silveira, moderated by Impact Producer Toni Lee.


Tickets prices range from £4.50 (Cine 26 members) to £10.