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National Emergency Services Museum Ghost Hunt w/ Haunted Rooms

08 Jul 2023 20:00 - 02:00

On a ghost hunt at the National Emergency Services Museum, you will take part in a host of vigils and experiments to try and make contact with the active spirits that are attached to this historic building.

Explore the whole of the National Emergency Services Museum for an entire night of paranormal investigating, including areas otherwise off-limits to daytime tours.

You will join Haunted Rooms' friendly, experienced team taking part in various experiments and seances, as well as having complete access to a range of paranormal equipment throughout the evening.

Haunted Rooms keep the groups small so you have a much more personable experience, with little chance of being interrupted by other groups or suffering noise contamination.

Your evening at the National Emergency Services Museum is a real paranormal investigation, Haunted Rooms leave out the fluff, they do not have actors, and they don’t fake activity.

Do you have what it takes to take part in a lone vigil inside Cain’s old cell or take part in Ouija Board sessions on one of the upper floors where the dark presence lurks?

The Haunted Rooms team can’t wait to welcome you to this incredible building and to share a night of ghost hunting that you’ll remember forever.


£49.00 per person