New Exhibitions: 'Sound of Silence' by Ryoko Minamitani and 'Escape to the Sea' by Karen Sherwood

15 Jul 2023 - 19 Aug 2023

Cupola Gallery are thrilled to announce two upcoming exhibitions, featuring two incredible solo shows: 'Sound of Silence' by Ryoko Minamitani and 'Escape to the Sea' by Karen Sherwood.

Karen Sherwood, better know as the owner & director of Cupola Gallery, is presenting her latest body of work under the title ‘Escape to the sea’.

Ms Sherwood describes her work as expressive landscape paintings.

“My paintings evolve through the process of painting. They all start as completely abstract marks and colours and slowly decide what they want to be. The mood and content of the images seem to reflect how I am feeling about the world resulting in often quite turbulent or moody images, unsurprising in our rather unsettling times.” -Karen Sherwood

Ryoko Minamitani is holding her first solo show with Cupola Gallery after exhibiting with the gallery over a number of years.

“I believe that we can relax through the ‘Sound of Silence’ in our busy lives. We can hear the “Sound of Silence“ more clearly in nature, away from the thinking. Applying a fluid technique with acrylic and pigment, the Sumi works describe the feelings when I am listening to the “Sound of Silence.” -Ryoko Minamitani