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Nüshu: A Secret Female-only Language From China

21 Aug 2023 - 26 Aug 2023

Nüshu, also known as women’s script, is the only female exclusive language worldwide.

It’s a special language invented, conveyed and used among women, as well as a folk literature used by women to describe female daily life.

This language used to circulate in Jiangyong County, Yongzhou, Hunan Province and other regions nearby.

Yulu Chen, designed visual arts and filmed a documentary based on her field work in Jiangyong.

She creatively links Nüshu with mother nature, using Nüshu to depict mountains, rivers, birds, flames…



Additional Information

Exhibition: Nüshu: a secret female-only language from China - 21st Monday - 26th Saturday August, 10am - 6pm.

Watch a 20 minute version of Yulu Chen's documentary playing at 11am, 1pm and 3pm from Monday - Thursday.

Meet the Artist: Yulu Chen and Full Documentary Screening Friday 25th August and Saturday 26th August from 2pm - 4pm.

Watch the full length documentary (55 minutes) before joining the artist Yulu Chen on a video call.

During the discussion, audiences will have the opportunity to handle the embroideries and try writing Nüshu.