Out & About Weekends: Sustainability

03 Sep 2022 - 04 Sep 2022

Out & About is a summer programme of celebrations in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter (CIQ), held across a series of four special weekends.


The Summer in the Creative Industries Quarter (CIQ) Programme will culminate with the Sustainability Weekender. This exciting programme of free, family friendly activity explores ideas of environmental, social and personal sustainability, featuring creative contributions from local community groups, environmentally conscious artists and creatives.

What are our own relationships to local and global environmental concerns? Through cooperation and knowledge exchange, what small changes can we make to build a more sustainable future for ourselves and each other? And what does sustainability mean to you? Take part in free, drop-in workshops sharing the joys of pickling, fermenting, gardening, seed saving and foraging, engage with newly commissioned artworks, grab a bite to eat or have your say live on the radio with our broadcasting partner Montez Press Radio.


FREE to attend 

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Weekend Event Programme 

Hopes/Fears: A new commission by Christopher Jarratt
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm in CIQ Square 
Artist Christopher Jarratt presents a brand new sculptural commission highlighting disparate feelings and emotions around the climate crisis.
Powered by the wind, the sculpture asks us to consider notions of sustainability and our relationship to nature. On one side, everything feels possible and we have the tools to change to be better, more harmonious passengers on Spaceship Earth, and within the blink of an eye, the challenge can seem too big and overwhelming to know where to start. You will be able to buy a limited edition print that accompanies the sculpture over the weekend. Suitable for all ages

It's OK: A new commission by Leigh de Vries
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm in CIQ Square
Artist and mental health advocate Leigh de Vries brings a brand new, 5.5ft-tall typographic sculpture and interactive artwork commissioned for the Sustainability weekend, to inspire individual and collective reflection. Leigh's work explores identity, the perception and representation of our mental health and our inner emotional lives. Visitors can share their thoughts with each other, chat with trained individuals on-site or take part in the collective artwork by adding their responses, thoughts and feelings on anonymous notes.

Tones of nature: A new commission by Sarah Waterhouse
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm at Persistence Works Gallery
Artist and printmaker Sarah Waterhouse is creating a range of screen printing inks from natural and local sources such as food waste and plant foraging. A new piece of work created through public workshops will be on display during the weekend and Sarah will be on-hand to help you try out the new inks and explain her project. Suitable for all ages

Wild Soda Pop Workshop led by Social Pickle 
Saturday & Sunday, 12pm - 4pm in CIQ Square 
Ever wondered what yeast really is? Want to manipulate it to make your drink fizzy! Pop down to this drop in workshop to make wild, natural soda in any flavour you want! Suitable for 5+

Sauerkraut workshop led by Social Pickle
Saturday & Sunday, 12pm - 4pm in CIQ Square
Learn with Sheffield’s Social Pickle the art of lacto fermentation! Coerce the hidden bacteria that lie dormant everywhere waiting to be awoken and brought into new lifeforms. Realise the meditative power of massaging cabbage in this drop in workshop. Suitable for 5+

Social Pickle Mini Market
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm, in CIQ Square
Chat to Social Pickle and support their work by purchasing one of the many products they create by transforming surplus, locally gleaned or foraged ingredients during their volunteer Glut Clubs. Pay-what-you-can for an assortment of jars and bottles. Suitable for all ages

Social Pickle Activity Table
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm, in CIQ Square
Any great pickle, ferment, jam or chutney, needs a great label. Here you will invent names, design your pickles outfit and get it ready for the shelf! There will also be activity sheets to take and use around the square and a fermentation log for all your bubbly ideas. Suitable for all ages


Pee to Plant food: A workshop hosted by Wet Patch and led by Ed Malus
Saturday & Sunday, 1pm - 4pm (drop-in), in CIQ Square
Wet Patch is a community garden located in the ex-industrial area of Neepsend. It was started in response to the lack of green space available for young people and marginalised communities living in urban areas. The Pee to Plant Food workshop will enlighten you about the properties, benefits and ways of harnessing something that we all have easy access to, our pee! The workshop will discuss the current problems with human waste management before giving a demonstration on how to put together your own urine processing system to create plant fertiliser. Suitable for 5+


Seasonal City Earth Medicine : A workshop by Rasheeqa Ahmad (Hedge Herbs)
Sunday, 1pm - 4pm, in CIQ Square
Take part in reciprocal learning with community herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad (Hedge Herbs) and together make a remedy of the moment with healing plants that grow around us. Plant medicine can teach us about our ecosystems, our bodies and the relationships between them - it’s a key thread in the fabric of sustainability and earth care and social justice that many are weaving all around the globe. Suitable for 5+

Communal Furniture Commission
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm in CIQ Square
Come and explore a brand new adaptable furniture commission produced as a collaboration between two architecture and design studios, McCloy + Muchemwa and Mitre & Mondays. Relax, meet friends, grab a bite to eat and even take part in one of our workshops around this brand new piece of outdoor furniture. Suitable for all ages


Radio Residency w/ Montez Press Radio
Saturday & Sunday, 12pm - 4pm, in CIQ Square
Broadcasting all weekend, Montez Press Radio will be bringing the CIQ Square to life through a combination of music, chat and features responding to the idea of Sustainability. Montez Press Radio is an experimental broadcasting and performance platform, founded in 2018, with the goal of fostering greater experimentation and conversation between artists, writers, and thinkers through the medium of radio. Suitable for all ages


Radio Residency with Montez Press Radio - listen live here.


Murals across the CIQ
Saturday & Sunday, all day, various locations
This summer, the CIQ will become awash with a series of brand new murals painted directly onto the walls of some of the most iconic building in the area. Expect to see brand new vibrant work by nationally and internationally recognised artists right here on your doorstep. Use the map to discover and explore! Suitable for all ages


CIQ Family Trail
Saturday & Sunday, all day, setting off from CIQ Square
Pick up your free family trail, complete with a CIQ treasure hunt and colouring activities for all ages -specially created by Eleven Design. Suitable for all ages


Grab a bite to eat
Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 9pm, in CIQ Square
Pop onto the CIQ Square and enjoy food and drink provided by local vendors from the Cultural Industries Quarter. Rest, relax and re charge in the square with a bite to eat from one of Sheffield's most exciting independent eateries. Suitable for all ages

Elsewhere in the CIQ

As well as our Sustainability events and activities, there is plenty happening elsewhere in the CIQ. Why not visit somewhere you have never been, drop in to a workshop or visit a brand new exhibition.