Outdoor Writing Workshop: Fiction in Gardens, Gardens in Fiction

16 Jul 2022 10:30 - 12:00

The starting point for this workshop is a database the artist Harun Morrison has been developing that gathers descriptions of gardens in fiction (novels, stories, songs etc) from multiple eras and geographies. To date this includes excerpts from Mena Kasmiri Abdullah, Isabella Allende and Italo Calvino.

This workshop invites participants to collectively read from some of the texts from the database as a starting point to generate their own writing. The workshop will happen in Mind Garden, a space adjacent to Sheffield Mind, that Harun and others have been been repairing, re-designing and replanting.

Mind Garden by Harun Morrison is part of Arts Catalyst’s Emergent Ecologies programme happening across South Yorkshire that explore how our experiences of place — from wetlands and waterways to city centre streets — and of ourselves within them, are shaped with and by other beings.