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Physique, Horsebastard, Feral State, Human Leather, Avoid

09 Jun 2023 20.00 - 01.00

DIY Hard presents: Physique

Physique - Olympia, WA, USA Channelling the classic DISCHARGE/kawakami (RIP) noise fuelled D Beat/ Disbones Crusher punk music.

First time back in the UK since 2019’s Rhythm of Brutality, and coming with the release of new album Again.

Physique is still: Victim Of Bouncing Bee World Bastard Riley Chaos

Horsebastard - Liverpool

This 4 piece grindcore/blastcore band play their own brand of "equestrian blastcore and spasmodic fastcore. At times Discordance Axis with flashings of Excruciating Terror. Always very very fast.

Feral State - Leicester

Lestah DBeat thrash

Human Leather - Brighton

Ex-hate fuck rhythm section. Noise-rock, sludge-punk two-piece thing. "How two people can produce this calibre of noise and energy is incomprehensible”. A flaming meteor.

Avoid - Nottingham

Two piece riffs and blastbeat chaos.



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