Professor David Owen’s Inaugural Lecture

05 Oct 2023 18:00 - 21:00

Transformation is the theme of this year’s UNESCO World Teachers Day, which celebrates teachers’ contributions across the globe.

But can teachers transform education, or do they simply deliver it in response to the day’s agenda? In recent times, teachers have needed to respond to the challenges of the pandemic, austerity, and social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, MeToo, and Just Stop Oil.

These challenges and opportunities prompt us to ask:

  • What can we learn from teachers’ response to the pandemic and the challenges it continues to present?
  • Could technology support future teachers to transform education for the children, young people and communities of the future?
  • How can we inspire all people at all stages of life to become teachers?

Join Professor David Owen on World Teachers Day on a journey through research, curriculum development and partnership work - based in our region’s schools, in the Sheffield Institute of Education, and in collaborations across the University and international education community.

In his professorial lecture, David will focus on the opportunities and challenges in ensuring tomorrow’s teachers are inclusive and representative of the communities they will serve. He will share his research and partnership work highlighting the opportunities presented by educational innovations.

He will reflect on how the teacher’s role could change and develop in the future, so teachers can continue to transform lives through education. 



Additional Information

Professor David Owen trained as a teacher in 1983, and for the last forty years has worked in primary, secondary, and higher education as a teacher, lecturer, researcher, governor and trustee.

His most recent role was Head of Department at the Sheffield Institute of Education, leading over 100 academic staff and supporting over 3,400 students.

His research interests include geography and environmental education at both primary and secondary levels, educational technology in school and higher education, and teacher education policy.

David has worked with government agencies within the UK and abroad on the development of initial and continuing education for teachers and has led policy and partnership developments in teacher training at a regional and national scale.

He has just taken Emeritus Professor status and continues to be very much involved in the governance and strategy development of education and teacher development.