Professor Mayur Ranchordas Inaugural Lecture

24 Apr 2024 18:00 - 20:30

In his inaugural lecture, Professor Mayur Ranchordas will draw upon 20 years of applied experience in supporting some of the greatest professional athletes on the planet.

Having worked across numerous individual and team sports, he’ll share how the impact of his applied work has not only helped athletes and teams compete at the highest level, but win medals on the world stage.

Mayur will also discuss how working on the frontline of elite sport can generate numerous performance-related questions, which can be taken to the lab to be answered and then strategically applied back to the sports field.

Specifically, he’ll delve into sports nutrition, explaining why an athlete’s diet can have massive implications on their performance and recovery. 



Additional Information

Speaker bio

Professor Mayur Ranchordas is a world-leading performance-nutrition expert, consultant, and academic. In collaboration with academic colleagues and students, Mayur has published 42 scientific articles and numerous book chapters on the topic of sport and exercise nutrition. Mayur’s applied research explores how nutrition, food, and supplements can enhance exercise performance and recovery that has real-world impact. He is currently the Head of University Research Ethics at Sheffield Hallam University.