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QBRNTHSS + GUESTS: Album release party

25 Jun 2023 19:00 - 23:00

Fresh off the heels of April’s tape release of “The Magic Words Are Squeamish Ossifrage”, QBRNTHSS are coming over from Spain for a special Sunday performance in the Fly Tower.

Paired with a host of local artists, expect a sumptuous evening of audio-visual antics – including live coding, experimental electronics, modular synths, microphones, trumpets, and more?


Pronounced “quebrantahuesos”, meaning “bearded vulture” in Spanish, QBRNTHSS is the alias of Ramon Casamajó, musician and computer scientist involved in the TOPLAP Barcelona collective. He will be bringing chaotic textures and frantic beats through live coding and live trumpet.


Collaborative audiovisual project between Julia Schauerman and Stephen Carley exploring four microphones routed through effects units and other live electronics.


Conjuror of simple but harmonically rich and evolving textures through modular synthesis, aiming to guide the listener towards a journey of the inner self.


With multiple releases and tracks on Interworld Media, Sleepsang brings whirls of ambient soundscapes through live-coded sample manipulation.

Please note the event may feature flashing images and loud, weird sounds you've never heard before


£8.00 advance; £10.00 on the door