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Saltlines with Gigspanner Big Band & Raynor Winn

04 Nov 2023 19.30 - 21.30

The Gigspanner Big Band and Raynor Winn (The Salt Path) SALTLINES

“An evocative and intense triumph” R ‘n R Magazine Review

"An exciting and ground-breaking collaboration. An evening unlike any other...thought provoking, lyrical, meditative, mesmerising" Mag North Review

Taking audiences by storm, Saltlines is a compelling prose and music collaboration between bestselling author Raynor Winn (The Salt Path) and folk-roots supergroup The Gigspanner Big Band, which features some of the biggest names on the folk scene.

Together they celebrate the beauty, stories and traditions of the South West Coast Path in a seamless performance of old songs with their origins in the South-West, and brand-new compositions written by Raynor Winn especially for this production.

Raynor says “The coastline of the south west holds a rich past, a vibrant present and has changed my life in ways without measure, so to find inspiration for Saltlines wasn’t hard. The Gigspanner Big Band brought together a beautiful collection of songs from the area to form the basis of the project and my words have come in response to the history, texture and sense of place those songs evoke”

Saltlines is an unmissable experience for those with a love of lyrical writing and inspiring music, and for anyone who values the social and natural history of Britain’s rural landscape, and the common threads that bind its fragile communities and wildlife.

Its impact on audiences has been astonishing…

“Incredible. I'm still reeling from the show this morning"

“Simply perfect. Unbelievably emotional. One hell of an evening"

“Saltlines was truly off the scale. Completely carried away by the beauty, sensitivity and pure artistic genius of the whole performance"

“Quite simply one of the most exquisite, breath-taking, hauntingly beautiful and life-affirming performances I've ever seen. Thank you all so much”

“Powerful, thought provoking, seamless and blessed with the flow of brilliance. Libretto perfect, musicianship perfect. Quite astonishing

Beginning life as a trio formed by legendary Steeleye Span fiddle player Peter Knight, the line-up has been expanded to form the Gigspanner Big Band, with acclaimed multi-instrumental duo Edgelarks (Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - BBC Folk Awards 'Best Duo') and Bellowhead co-founder and melodeon player extraordinaire, John Spiers, joining the fray.



£18.00 to £27.50