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Sheffield Fringe Previews: Canine Teeth

27 Jul 2023 19:00 - 19:55

The show details a young Turkish woman's awakening to her female power after a devastating day. It is about exploring the woman's role in the Turkish society whilst the theme of expectations of being a woman prove itself to be universal. The play draws inspiration from the writer’s (Ayse’s ) past - memories of single mother and traditional grandmother, her employment at a corporate workspace and drunken wondering nights. With her survival on the line, Canine Teeth (Elif) questions the place given to her in the society in a hilarious, insightful and ultimately devastating day. Ayse uses dry comedy and video projection with music and spoken word to stimulate the commentary on gender politics and expectation of being a woman. Canine Teeth features a complex dynamic between Elif and her mother and Turkish culture which is obsessed with woman and marriage.


£10 single, £15 double bill