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Sheffield Powerlifting Championships 2024

10 Feb 2024 15:30

The Sheffield Powerlifting Championships will return in February 2024, as 24 of world’s strongest powerlifters assemble in the United Kingdom to battle it out for the title of champion of champions. Launched in partnership with the International Powerlifting Federation, the Sheffield Powerlifting Championships showcases the stars of powerlifting in a high-profile event with the largest prize fund in the sport’s history.

12 men and 12 women will form an all-star roster for an action-packed night of heavy squats, bench presses and deadlifts, aiming to put together the biggest total weight across those three lifts as possible. From lightweight to superheavyweight competitors, all will be scored on the same metric: Who can break the world record total by the greatest margin.

Lifters at the Sheffield 2023 Powerlifting Championships broke world records 39 times, setting the bar high for February’s competition.

To automatically qualify for the event, athletes must compete at the 2023 International Powerlifting Federation World Championships, after which a select number will receive invitations to Sheffield 2024, and will have the opportunity to defend their place among the world’s best.


£10 - £160

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