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Si Cranstoun

15 Mar 2024 18:30

Si Cranstoun is a fabulous throwback to the old swing blues shouters of the 1940s and 1950s. The man that Launched The Dualers & A Fab Footstompin Retro Band rides again with a brand new upbeat album ‘Jollification’ along with his blazingvault of self penned hits including : Kiss On The Lips, Dynamo, Coupe De Ville, Dance Forever More.

Si began his singing career as a successful classic soul club singer in the late 1990s around London where he enjoyed residencies with his band at the famous Hammersmith Palais and Clapham Grand. In the early noughties he founded a busking vocal duo with his brother The Dualers originally harmonising a mix up of classic soul, ska and rock ‘n’ roll where Si went on to write, produce, record and release their debut single Kiss On The Lips which reached 21 in the UK national charts in 2004.




Additional Information

In 2012 Si returned back to a solo career having become a prolific bandleader and songwriter on the vintage scene with dance-floor hits Dynamo and Coupe De Ville which still remained favourites on the old wooden floors.

In 2013 Si was signed to Warner Records and championed by DJs Chris Evans and the late Terry Wogan where he was A listed on Radio 2 and Magic with the self penned hits Dance Forever More and Caught In the Moonlight.

In 2015 Si wrote, produced and released A Christmas Twist which went viral on the net notching up over 12 million views.

In 2017 Si was signed to German label Ruf Records where he toured Europe with the Blues Caravan and released the album Old School featuring more self penned scene hits including Vegas Baby and Old School.

In 2018 Si was back in the spotlight reaching millions when an old 2010 dance clip of him street performing with his brother went viral. The clip, shot by a passer by, captured Si’s jovial home recorded version of a 1962 Jamaican Ska tune Don’t Stay Out Late. Si added a penny whistle, sped the tune up to a jig and created a dandy street dance.

In 2020 whilst in lockdown Si wrote and recorded an intimate unplugged album on his acoustic guitar Poems Unlocked which was officially released on iTunes and via his online shop early in 2021.

People have compared Si to many old greats like Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke but Si remains his own man with his own distinct voice and songwriting close enough to the old pros of the 1950s and 1960s … Enjoy !!