Social Model...& More Festival Opener with Caroline Mawer

08 Nov 2023 16.00 - 17.30

The Social Model...& More Festival started with a discussion about how the social model is “necessary but not sufficient”.

Theatre Deli wanted to see whether/how it might be possible to make a real practical difference to the lives of disabled people.

They started by asking you.

Some initial responses to the questions are illustrated online, and in a concept-tree-forest ‘growing’ through the London Theatre Deli venue.

The festival’s two weeks of newly commissioned theatre and workshops share the exciting ideas of just a few of the creatives who submitted their theatrical feedback.

They want to pose four fundamental questions here:

1. Do we need/want a ‘model’ covering all disabled people - or something more responsive to our huge diversity?

2. How to recognise communities and families as well as individuals? Practically, including for/by arts organisations?

3. Intersectionality is huge. Is this truly about disability - or inequalities more generally?

4. How to balance all this with broadening access?