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Soil Futures Gathering

06 Oct 2023 10:30 - 16.00

Join artist Gabriella Demczuk (Al-Wah’at), writer, grower and organiser Sam Siva (LION) and artist and educator Jo Capper (Grand Union) – alongside the Arts Catalyst team for a convivial day of eating, sharing and connecting with soil.

With a shared vegan meal at Soft Ground and hands on outdoor workshop at Mind Garden.

This event is open to all who want to connect with others who care about soils.

Through this gathering we will ask: How can we deepen our relationship to the ground that connects us, and even consider it a next of kin?

What forms of repair, regeneration and care are necessary for soils to thrive after centuries of extraction, pollution and land grabbing?

The second part of the day will take place at Mind Garden, where Al-Wah’at member Gabriella Demczuk will lead a hands-on workshop using local plants to create natural pigments, dyes, and prints.

This event is part of Soil Futures, a one-year programme and network of creative organisations that explores the ground between us.


£5.04 inc booking fee