Spring White Wine and Cheese Pairing Evening

01 Jun 2022 19:00 - 21:00

Whilst many people learn quite early in the journey of wine discovery that even the chewiest of Bordeaux red wines can be tamed by a hunk of Cheddar or that a cracker of Stilton is best pals with a glass of Port, fewer people realise that white wines pair LIKE A DREAM to cheese! So, white wine lovers, don't despair! You too can indulge in the joys of glorious wine and cheese. Perfectly timed for all the beautiful summer seasonal specials. As always, we work with the best local cheesemongers to ensure you taste wonderful artisan cheeses at perfect maturity. Our friends over at George and Joseph and The Courtyard Dairy are on hand to make sure we get the season's finest cheese to match to your white wines. Our matches change with every event... we are always sniffing out new combos! But some past favourites have included Californian Chardonnay and Baron Bigod Brie Oz Riesling and Ashlynn goat's cheese Vouvray demi-sec and Roquefort A evening to delight all the foodies and a favourite amongst wine school regulars and newbies alike- see you there!