Steel City Galaxies Adventure Trail

21 Aug 2023 - 03 Sep 2023

The Steel City Galaxies adventure game invites families to blast off across Sheffield, visiting nine different games-related venues along a 2.5 mile route.

Hosted by the Sheffield Games Collective, Steel City Galaxies casts the players in the role of daring Star Captains, exploring the vast Steely Way galaxy in search of an ancient starship.

Along the way, players will encounter mysterious aliens, dastardly Space Pirates and venture deep into the centre of the galaxy, all while having plenty of fun exploring the city. 

Players can start their adventure at Patriot Games on Mary Street, any time from the 21 August. All instructions will be provided on displays located inside and outside each participating venue, which means that the game can be played at any time of day.

Would-be space explorers simply need a six-sided die, a strong imagination and the ability to move across the city centre in order to play.

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Additional Information

The Sheffield Games Collective is a collection of businesses, organisations and individuals all based in Sheffield who share a common purpose: to make Sheffield a destination city for gaming.

Over 10 businesses that cater to fans of both digital and analogue gaming have been working together since 2020 to build on what the city has to offer in the gaming space and promote this to the widest possible audience.

They include Treehouse Board Game Cafe, Patriot Games Sheffield, Robin’s Nest Comics, Wargames Emporium, Meltdown Sheffield, The Great Escape Sheffield, Extra Life Gaming Lounge, the Sheffield Space Centre, Forbidden Planet Sheffield and Boneloaf.

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