Strange Sheffield Ghost Walks: Darkest Night City Centre

22 Mar 2024 19:30 - 21:00

Celebrating the Festival of the Outdoors 2024 #FOTO24

Strange Sheffield Ghost Walks Route 1

Step into the eerie embrace of storyteller and author Adrian Finney as he guides you through a night filled with chilling ghost stories, local legends, dark laughter, along with a treasure trove of strange tales that unveil the enigmatic side of Sheffield.

Delve into the city's history, scarred by tragic events, as we explore the darkest night Sheffield has ever seen, and the haunting that has left lingering echoes that still reverberate today.

Embark on a journey that unravels the secrets of Sheffield's oldest standing residential building, while discovering an unexpected link to one of English folklore's most infamous characters, and hear of the one of the most famous ghost stories in history.

Join us at Tudor Square, adjacent to Sheffield Central Library and the Lyceum, for this fantastic and fun night that takes a circular route that’s about three quarters of a mile long and lasts around 90 minutes.



£10 in Advance / £12 on the night

Additional Information

This route is fully accessible.

Given the content of the tales, which include discussions of violent deaths, historical suicides, spooky apparitions, and terrifying ghosts discretion is recommended when booking.

Advance Adult tickets, suitable for ages 14 and above, are priced at just £10 each. If you're bringing younger adventurers along, under 14s can also join the journey for £7.50 per ticket, available as add-ons during checkout.

Please be aware that booking fees may apply.

Prefer spontaneity? Feel free to join on the night itself. On the night adults tickets are £12 each and kids are £8.

All forms of contactless payments are accepted.

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Don't forget to dress appropriately for whatever unpredictable weather we may face.