The setting for  The Alice Cocktail Experience.

The Alice Cocktail Experience: Sheffield

01 Apr 2022 - 30 Jun 2022

An immersive cocktail adventure!

Come along on a 90 minute topsy-turvy journey into the magical realm of Wonderland. Brought to you by the interactive team behind The Wizard’s Den, Beyond Cinema and A.K Wregg.

For those both curious and curiouser – this will be the tea party to end all tea parties. Come along for a theatrical, alternate reality experience that will take you down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass!

Across 90 minutes you will:

  • Create two bespoke Wonderland cocktails.
  • Solve riddles and challenges just like Alice.
  • Devour “Eat Me” cake.
  • Paint the roses red.
  • And much, much more!

Limited tickets available now!

Disclaimer – No flamingos will be hurt during the course of this adventure*


£22 - £27.50pp