The Blanket Fort Club - The Quest for Starry Night Flurry

01 Apr 2024 14:00 - 15:00

Welcome to The Blanket Fort Club, a wondrous place where the possibilities of invention are limited only by the imagination.

The Starry Night Flurry, a once in a lifetime celestial event, is about to take place and the treasured Blanket Fort Club members are invited to join Snow, Ice and Wind for the celebrations.

But with Snow and Ice falling out and Wind blowing in a strange change, will we be able to get to the observatory in time?

Discover The Three Little Pigs in The Story Room, splash through the puddles in the rain corridor, construct a castle in the building room.

Once you have journeyed through the blanket fort, all you’ll need is a sheet and your imagination to find your way back.

An unforgettable 60 minute sensory immersive theatre adventure designed for all children including:

  • Young children aged 5-8
  • Children with complex needs and disabilities
  • Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities