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The Brilliant "Spiers & Boden - The Midsummer Tour".

11 Jun 2023 19:30 - 22:30

Fans of the hit BBC show Death in Paradise will now be familiar with the distinctive sound of Boden's voice and Spiers's melodeon through the new Bellowhead theme tune for 2023 spin-off show Beyond Paradise, which has recently been commissioned for a second series.

Tim Key (executive producer) “I have become obsessed with bringing a music identity to Beyond Paradise. We have worked hard to bring a modern, folk influence to the show, making a unique sound which I am really excited about. And getting Bellowhead on board was amazing."

Bellowhead, with Jon and John, also provide the theme music for Radio 4’s The Archers each Sunday.

For the 2023 June Spiers & Boden tour the show will focus on summery material, drawing on traditional seasonal songs and that archetypal sound of summer - the English Morris tune.