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The Diaries of Mr Lucas: Notes from a Lost Gay Life

19 Jun 2024 18:30 - 19:30

This Pride season, join author Hugo Greenhalgh to discuss this poignant story of a lost gay world.

For nearly 60 years Mr George Lucas led a double life. A mild-mannered civil servant by day, by night he was a fixture of London’s colourful underground gay scene – a twilight world of petty crime, louche pubs and public toilets.

He was also an obsessive diary writer. When Mr Lucas died in 2014, he left his diaries to the journalist Hugo Greenhalgh.

The Diaries of Mr Lucas combines Mr Lucas’s deliciously indiscreet recollections of a life spent sometimes literally in the shadows with Greenhalgh’s commentary – this is gay London like it’s never been seen before.