The Kaspar Hauser Experiment

20 Sep 2023 - 21 Sep 2023

It’s 1828 and a strange boy calling himself ‘Kaspar Hauser’ appears in the town square claiming to have been held prisoner in a darkened cell for 17 years. But who is he really? Conman? Orphan? Or an abducted prince caught in the middle of a political game? You are invited to witness key testimonies from those who know him best, hear the conspiracies and rumours that surround him and watch Kaspar try to uncover the facts.

The riddle of this true story has fascinated and intrigued people for centuries, inspiring books, films, and music. This important story confronts how we care for those most in need and sheds light on how society can all too easily corrupt the purest of souls. In this brand-new adaptation, Animikii Theatre bring the mystery to life through fearless imagination, text, movement, and song.