The Power of Creativeness: Champernowne, Withymead, Jung

23 Jan 2023 - 25 Jun 2023

The Power of Creativeness: Champernowne, Withymead, Jung. This exhibition explores the archive of Irene Champernowne, which was donated by The Champernowne Trust to the University of Sheffield Library's Special Collections.

Irene Champernowne (1901-1976) was a leading psychotherapist in the UK, who pioneered the integrating power of creativeness to improve mental health and whose vision was to make psychotherapy available to all.

Influenced by Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic theories, Champernowne pioneered art therapy as a source of treatment, which is still used in today’s therapeutic practices.

This exhibition tells the story of Champernowne’s journey, the stories of communities and the people who supported and influenced her, and the ongoing legacy of her work through current and new creativity.

Highlighting some of Champernowne’s archive, donated by The Champernowne Trust, a charity who continue holding events and workshops, influenced by the powerful creative legacy, which Champernowne has left.



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