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The Quirky Wedding Fayre

15 Oct 2023 11:00 - 15:00

Are you fed up of going around wedding fairs and seeing hundreds of suppliers offering the same thing? That's why The Quirky Wedding Fayre was created.

Your wedding should be all about you! So why would you settle for having a day that's the same as everyone else's?

The Furnace is a venue that screams industrial chic vibes, in the heart of Sheffield and it is the perfect place for the Quirky Wedding Fayre! Situated in The Heart of The City II, The Furnace is a melting pot, forged from the elements that make Sheffield unique- where industrial heritage, meets modern design, where local ingredients are cast into new, imaginative menus.

The fayre will feature a handpicked and talented bunch of wedding professionals who all offer something different from the standard wedding packages and they're all ready and waiting to show you what they've got up their sleeves.


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