Tons of Money

15 Nov 2023 - 18 Nov 2023

"Tons of Money" started out as one of the Aldwych Farces in the 1920s and was revived and updated by Alan Ayckbourn in 1986 for the National Theatre.  It is a quick moving hilarious play and will hopefully delight you all with its craziness and humour.

Aubrey Allington is a failed inventor, who, along with his wife Louise, is submerged in debt. Luck would seem to be upon him when he gets news of an inheritance following the death of a relation.  However there is a sting in the tail of the gift, should Aubrey die, whatever is left of the fortune will revert to his cousin George Maitland.  Aubrey and Louise do not fancy the idea of having to use up all of the money paying their creditors and, believing George Maitland to be dead, come up with the superb idea that Aubrey should "die", and come back as George Maitland, inherit the money and avoid paying his debts.  Simple as this seems, in the best nature of farces, complications arise which will provide the audience with a night of great entertainment!


Ticket prices £7 adults, £6 students and 65+

For tickets call 0114 235 1206 or email 

Additional Information

The evening performances of the play are from Wednesday 15th November 7.30 pm to Friday 17th November 7.30 pm and the final performance will be a matinee on Saturday 18th November at 2.30 pm.


This amateur production of "Tons of Money (revised Ayckbourn)" is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.