Transcend Hybrid Working

20 Jun 2024 08:30 - 11:00

Come along for an exciting in-person breakfast seminar where we will learn from future of work expert and author Gwen Stirling-Wilkie.

Gwen will delve into the evolving landscape of work, sharing strategies to move beyond a hybrid work environment and create high performance flexibility. If you are struggling with hybrid working, come and learn.

  • The key trends that are impacting how and where we work
  • How these trends are influencing the modern workplace, impacting employee engagement, and shaping important decisions
  • Why hybrid working (where people work) is only part of the solution
  • Five strategies to create high performance flexibility and organisational agility
  • How the Omni-Working Framework can inform the design of operating models and ways of working
  • How other organisational leaders are approaching this important topic. 



Additional Information

High performance flexibility is an important cornerstone in attracting talented people and creating agile organisations where people can belong, thrive, and grow. Who should attend? Whether you're someone who sets the operational strategy for your business or someone who is tasked with making the strategy work, this seminar offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical ideas from a leading thinker in this field. It's also a chance to meet and learn from like-minded professionals. You can expect a short presentation and plenty of discussion in small and large groups.


Gwen has been researching the seismic impact of the pandemic on how and where we work since 2020. She is a future of work expert and senior-level thinking partner based in the UK. She provides guidance and support for leaders as they redesign and recreate models of work. Signed copies of Gwen's latest book, 'Omni-Working: work effectively in all ways, from all places', will be available for sale on the day. You can find out more about Gwen's work by visiting Omni-Working or connecting with her on LinkedIn


Seminar timings: Networking: 0830 Seminar: 0900-1100 Close: 1130