War of the Worlds

31 Oct 2023 12.30 - 14.00

This Halloween join Theatre Deli, Sheffield to listen to Orson Welles’ infamous recording of an alien invasion in New Jersey.

On 30th October 1938 Orson Welles shook America with a radio broadcast of H.G Well’s War of the Worlds.

The 23 year old’s low budget, modern adaptation caused mass panic, with calls to police stations and journalists, and rumours of mass stampedes and suicides. 

Listen to Welles’ stripped back recording of a series of news bulletins describing the Martian invasion of New Jersey.

Bring your own blanket, cushions and anything else you need to get comfy as you close your eyes and join Theatre Deli for this unique audio experience.

“War of the Worlds formed a kind of crucible for Orson Welles, out of which the wunderkind of the New York stage exploded onto the national scene as a multimedia genius and trickster extraordinaire.” The Smithsonian 


£4 - £6