When Seasons Change: Reflecting on end of life with nature & creativity

14 May 2023 10:30 - 12:00

When is a right time to think about our preferences and plan concerning the end of life? Where do we begin? How can we share our thoughts and wishes with those that are close to us?

Talking about and planning for death may feel daunting but any occasion to discuss and share our thoughts and preferences while we are still able to, can lend clarity and lead us to determine what is important in our life.

We never know when we will be leaving this world. Making this information known to the people we love can be useful for supporting them, particularly at moments when they need to act on your behalf.

When Seasons Change is a pilot nature-based creative engagement session that aims to ease and initiate reflection and considerations for end-of-life.

The session blends the natural environment, walking, poetry reading, photography, and writing to offer moments for the participant to consider the things that matters, but more importantly, to encourage one to capture in words some initial thoughts and wishes for end of life. 


Free but must be booked

Additional Information

THING TO BRING: A photo-taking device (e.g. mobile phone camera, digital camera)

ATTIRE: As this is an outdoor event, we advise wearing suitable warm, waterproof clothing that will keep you warm for the duration of the session.

This event is one of a series of free community events running throughout May, enabled by Compassionate Sheffield, to help explore why dying matters.