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Winter Tree ID Workshop

24 Feb 2024 10.30 - 14:00

Many of the distinguishing characteristics of trees - such as leaves, flowers & fruits - are lost in winter, which can make it seem tricky to identify one tree from the next.

However, look closely and there are many subtle clues to help you with identification - from buds and twigs to bark and overall shape.

Once you get your eye in you will see more and more detail, and winter walks will come alive with added interest.

This is a practical workshop that will focus on native tree species, the types you are likely to come across in the English countryside.

As well as identification skills you will also learn about some of the natural and cultural history associated with different trees.

Time spent in the classroom will be combined with time in the gardens. We will be outside whatever the weather for 1.5-2 hours, and walking to view trees on paths that are firm but sloping (up and down) in places. So appropriate footwear and clothing is essential.