Women in Business Virtual Networking Event

18 Aug 2022 13:00 - 14:30

We are very excited to announce that Katie McDonough one of our business advisors will be running a series of Women-in-business networking events online…you don’t have to be there for the full session and if you can’t make it for 1pm just join us when you can – no pressure!

Call 0114 224 5000 to book your place.

The sessions will give people the opportunity to talk about things they’re struggling with and pick up a tip or two around managing situations.

During the sessions, Katie will share some of her own pitfalls and successes as well as things she feels can help business easier and what can be a barrier or hindrance.

This week will be a general sharing experiences session where you can share if you want, or simply listen to other peoples experiences.

So, bring along a coffee/tea/wine (it is Friyay after all!) and come and join us for some business chat!

Please note: This workshop is hosted as a Zoom. You must have a computer, laptop or tablet with at least a 10” screen, and microphone and audio capabilities in order to access the Workshop. A camera/webcam is optional, but recommended. A free Zoom account is also required. Further instructions on how to access the event will be emailed to participants in advance.

**Please only sign up to one of our events if you are definitely planning to attend. Spaces are limited and we want to make sure the businesses that really want this support get it.

If you can’t make an event, it’s no problem as long as you let us know before the workshop. If you sign-up and don’t attend an event, we will contact you afterwards to check in and if this happens more than once, it will jeopardise your ability to sign up to future events.**


Free but places are limited and must be booked.