Andrew Jackson, supply chain advisor

A photograph of Andrew Jackson

Are you a business looking to be more successful when tendering for public sector frameworks and contracts?

Meet Andy. He works as part of the South Yorkshire Supply Chain Project which enables local to local purchasing and supply to keep the £s in the region. Andy is here to support individual businesses by offering impartial advice to help them improve their processes and operation.

Procurement and Supply Chain professionals are extremely busy and don’t have the time to look around for alternative suppliers, especially local ones. That’s where Andy come in- he can help by using his network of contacts to identify other options.

Andy has a particular focus on building links and contacts in the local Healthcare sector to support with Supply Chain challenges. He has a strong technology background in Telecoms and IT before moving into Supply Chain in the medical sector. He’s great at building relationships and trust- keen to listen and fully understands the time pressures many business leaders and senior managers have in their daily work lives.

Andy is an engineer at heart- reflected in his approach to keep things simple and break down situations into manageable chunks that can be actioned. He’s worked for organisations of all sizes from public sector to early start-ups and also a multitude of large multinational companies on projects spanning the globe.

Recently Andy helped a technology company who was sourcing fabrication, 3D printing and CNC machining services from outside the region.  Via his local networks he found (and filtered following some further analysis) local companies who could provide these services and kept more business in the region. Could he help your business too?

Get in touch with Andy.

Phone: 07747581084