Christina Lima Trindade, business growth advisor

Have you just started your business or looking to grow? You may be considering launching a new brand/product or service with your sights set on ambitious growth but not sure of the how on earth you are going to do it? Or have you just registered your business and need help on the way forward?  

Meet Christina, part of our advisor team for more than 13 years! She’s super friendly and super committed to the businesses she works with (she’s like an extra member of your team). Christina’s knowledge of the business landscape in Sheffield for connecting you to additional support is second to none. She has experience of detailed business planning and financial forecasting and will help you find the right funding to take you forward. You can take advantage of her first-hand experience in building award-winning businesses and brands and strategically helping them reach new markets.

So what’s Christina’s approach? It’s tailored to each business. She will work with you from the very beginning on the fundamentals of the start-up journey, through business planning and forecasting and then take you through the reflective process required to move forward. Christina knows there are no wrong questions in this process, and she wants business who feel overwhelmed at times to know they will be supported.

She’ll link you to some of our workshops that will give you access to key topics and knowledge that you will need in the beginning. She’ll help you understand pricing, customer markets and how to grow a business. And you’ll work together on a regular basis with meaningful contact and actions to work on.

And where does all this experience come from? From 25 years’ experience in the business start-up environment as a qualified advisor, coach and mentor- with an entrepreneur’s background.  Christina works with businesses from a very diverse range of sectors all over Sheffield and each one started with an initial conversation.

Get in touch with Christina.

Phone: 07342 065712


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