Morgan Killick, tech scale up advisor

Morgan Killick

Are you an ambitious Sheffield-based tech sector businesses looking to become more successful? Are you looking for someone who really understands the sector and can help your business?

Meet Morgan. He lives and breathes tech. Morgan knows what he’s talking about because he’s an an ex-tech founder himself, with 20 years’ experience in starting and growing multiple businesses of his own. He’s also advised dozens of local businesses in the sector - including many of the most well-known success stories - in this role, since 2019. And Morgan gets results; companies supported by him have raised over £15m in investment and created over 200 jobs in recent years.

He’s first and foremost a ‘critical friend’ - providing advice and guidance in one-to-one sessions, typically with founders, Directors or C-Suite personnel.  Clients can ask him anything and he covers a huge variety of topics. Recently he’s worked with businesses in the following areas- developing a new sales strategy, raising equity investment, recruiting and managing people, connecting with the local eco-system, producing a cash-flow forecast, and looking at whether to take a risk on a new, innovative product.

Morgan’s key strength in all his sessions is helping clients when they don’t quite know what to do next, or maybe they are not sure if what they are doing is the right way forward. That’s where Morgan comes in and businesses benefit from his outside experience to make progress.

Rest assured his sessions are pretty fluid and there is no paperwork to do. Each one different and personalised to a client’s needs and agenda.  You might just meet Morgan once or twice maybe to get insights on a single topic, or for a general ‘steer in the right direction’. Or you might need something more intense over a period of months e.g. to attract an investor, or navigate a host of obstacles that are holding you back. What’s most important, is that his support is making a noticeable impact.  For this reason, Morgan doesn’t apologise for his straight-talking! But he’s also super approachable, infectiously enthusiastic, and happy to have an informal chat with anyone who thinks they might fit the bill.

Morgan works with all sizes of business, from promising start-ups to more established companies with 50 plus employees.

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