A stroll with a brew...

Buying a brew can make a difference. It might not seem much, but it will mean a lot to any local coffee shop or café at the moment.

Even though outdoor hospitality is back open, some businesses don't have a dedicated outdoor space or may still be limited in what they can offer due to social distancing. There are, however, plenty of places offering takeout en route to some enjoyable strolls in the city.

As days are getting warmer/brighter, it’s a great time to meet up with friends and family outside and combine this with grabbing a takeout brew or an iced beverage.

Arguably, you could head to any of your local businesses and just take a casual stroll of your area, but if you feel like you want a bit more to see as a way to Escape the Everyday in Sheffield, below are some suggestions close to city green spaces and points of urban interest…


Sheffield City Centre 

Whether you're popping in for some shopping or want to familiarise with some of the city's iconic landmarks, you'll find it’s pretty easygoing in the city centre at the moment or at least no so busy that you can't comfortably maintain social distancing. Another incentive for an urban stroll in the centre, is that there also happens to be a plethora of great coffee shops to grab a hot brew from, such as Steam Yard on Division Street, Marmadukes on Cambridge Street and Norfolk Row, Tamper and Coffee at Mows on Arundel Street and Gaard in West One. We're still eagerly awaiting the reopening of Lisboa in the Peace Gardens. 

Kelham Island 

Always an interesting area to stroll around, where the city's prolific industrial heritage now intermingles with more modern developments and an extensive offering of indie businesses. Close to the Upper Don Walk and Five Weirs Walk for those wanting longer strolls, but for something shorter you could be content exploring the streets of Kelham with its array of colourful street art. For takeout The Grind Café on Green Lane, Depot Bakery on Burton Road and further down Gaard’s original site (not to be confused with their city centre site mentioned above) will have you covered.

Castlegate and Victoria Quays 

On the edge of the city centre, Sheffield's Castlegate district has been undergoing some significant changes over the last year and is hotly tipped to follow in the footsteps of nearby neighbour Kelham. The UK's largest retro-fit SuDS project, the pioneering Grey to Green development is at the heart of it, creating an impressive green corridor which now stretches from West Bar Roundabout all the way to Park Square. Albies is the perfectly placed next to this on Snig Hill, while Kommune further up is also home to Tamper and Depot Bakery, plus there's Hygge Cafe and the new Chakra Lounge in Fitzalan Square also close by. A stroll along Grey to Green will eventually bring you Victoria Quays for further urban rambling where cafe Victoria Junction is also open for takeaways.

South Street Park

The park behind Sheffield Station offers one of the best viewpoints of the city, nestling below the iconic brutalist landmark, Park Hill. It’s easy to get to by walking through the train station and going over the tram crossing at the back end. If you’re approaching from the station side, you could easily grab a decent brew from Kollective Kitchen at Site Gallery (reopening in May). Alternatively you could get up to Park Hill by crossing the tram bridge on foot from Castlegate and once you get to Park Hill, South Street Kitchen will be waiting to assist beverage needs. For longer strolls you could follow the Norfolk Heritage Trail up to Clay Wood where the Cholera Monument offers even more dramatic city views.

Endcliffe Park

Being a gateway to the wider Porter Valley and Peak District beyond, Endcliffe Park can be one of the busiest parks in the city. Endcliffe has its own Park Café, while the Motore Café van has also pitched up temporarily in Bingham Park. Naturally they both can get quite busy, so if you’re heading to Endcliffe for a wander don’t forget there are plenty of great coffee shops on both Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale Road nearby, so it’s a great excuse to extend your route and support them too. Coffika, Made by Jonty and Pom Kitchen, plus Olive & Joy and Nam Song at Dyson’s Place are just a few options. We should also mention there are some great places in walking distance from Greystones and Oakbrook Road also. Note, if you ever find Endcliffe Park too busy, try the nearby Sheffield General Cemetry gardens as a quieter alternative. 

Sheffield Botanical Gardens 

Sheffield’s hidden urban oasis, the Botanical Gardens has its own café operating takeaways, but being sandwiched between Broomhill and Ecclesall Road, the gardens are also well served by coffee shops in both these areas. See our suggestions for Ecclesall Road above, but for Broomhill- Vittles, CAWA and Nam Song are all good takeaway beverage spots. While Scandinavian café Smörgås is just that bit closer, being on the junction between Glossop Road and Clarkehouse Road.

Please dispose of rubbish or take it home 
Recent times have certainly highlighted just how valuable our outdoor spaces are. That’s why it’s all the more important we look after these vital spaces and everyone does their bit to help. So please don’t bank on there being a bin, it might even be better all-round if you go out with the intention to take it home anyway. When that sun comes out, our parks especially get really busy and bins fill up fast. Litter doesn’t just create an eyesore that someone else has to clear up, it’s harmful to nature too. Please leave no trace!