Get closer to nature with Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust manage a huge amount of land and nature reserves in and around the Sheffield area, making their efforts to keep our Outdoor City beautiful for the animals and critters that live here vitally important. Ordinarily they run a massive volunteer programme so that anyone can contribute to this effort, but things are a bit different at the moment.

However, that’s not stopping them encouraging you to get close to nature in different ways. Did you know, for example, about their Nature Counts project? They want anyone and everyone to log whatever wildlife they see when they are out and about. This not only helps them with their extensive database and to take an accurate picture of the health of our green spaces, but it means you can directly contribute to it even if you just pop out for a breath of fresh air.

They are also hosting a virtual event with David Lindo, the Urban Birder, on the 19th November. He’s an incredibly influential person when it comes to wildlife, let alone birds, and it’s a really special treat to be able to listen to what he has to say – so bag yourself a ticket while you can!