Roadmap to Recovery Business Workshops

A special series of Virtual Workshops to help Sheffield businesses manage their reopening and recovery. Join our team of industry experts as they guide you through the challenges of safely reopening, accommodating restrictions and planning for the future.  While the live workshops have now taken place, you can watch recordings of each session via the video links below.  

Please note: Sessions have been held to support businesses reopening at different stages of the Government's official roadmap for the easing of restrictions across England in 2021. As you browse below, you'll see we've tried to indicate which roadmap milestone each session was recorded before. 

While there is lots of useful information in all sessions that could be relevant to all businesses, some sessions were recorded ahead of earlier steps of the roadmap when businesses were reopening (12 April and 17 May) so are geared towards certain sectors and the guidance that was in place at that time.

Other more recent sessions, such as Understanding Ventilation and Managing and Understanding Cash Flow, are intended for businesses as we move into Step 4 and restrictions are removed.



Managing and Understanding Cash Flow




Understanding why ventilation is so important in the workplace

Recorded ahead of 17 May reopening


Practical tips for businesses in understanding why it’s so important to increase ventilation and let fresh air into their businesses to help reduce transmission of Covid19. You can download the Ventilation & Air Conditioning checklist here.

NB Always refer to the fire risk assessment when making changes to ventilation in any building and never prop open fire doors.


Reopening Indoor Hospitality

Recorded ahead of 17 May Reopening


In the run up to Indoor Hospitality reopening as part of Step 3 (no earlier than the 17th May) we share some tips and ideas for hospitality businesses opening their indoor offer. Download the Reopening Indoor Hospitality slides.


Getting Reopening Ready!

Recorded ahead of 12 April Reopening 

In this first workshop our experts will provide you with a Recovery Action Plan template that can be applied to your own business and along with a brief overview of the topics covered in all the other sessions. Download the Getting Reopening Ready PDF.

Communicating in a Crisis

Recorded ahead of 12 April Reopening 

This session covers the importance of communicating with customers/visitors/staff to ensure they are all aware of restrictions and what you are doing to make the environment safe for them. Download the Communicating in a Crisis files.

Managing Risks & Costs To Remain Viable

Recorded ahead of 12 April Reopening 

How to weigh up the risks/costs of reopening with the alternative options (such as waiting a little longer), considering how to best manage cashflow and how to spend financial support wisely. Download the Managing Risks & Costs To Remain Viable files here.

Digitally Adapting Your Business

Recorded ahead of 12 April Reopening 

This last session covers why you should be embracing tech and digital solutions for the future of your business. Download the Digitally Adapting Your Business PDF.

Preventing Covid-19 Transmission in the Workplace