I Want To Be Wonderful presented by Lynx Theatre and Poetry

It’s 1974. Red Mettle, a small touring theatre company, is planning a show about Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, who became an organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World at the age of 16. They do not know it, but the American actress they find to play Elizabeth is Marilyn Monroe – not dead, but brought to England under the witness protection programme. Now she just wants to act and be wonderful, and she transforms the lives of Tim and Julie of Red Mettle, until there is a crisis.


AGE 12+


Theatre Deli

202 Eyre Street


South Yorkshire

S1 4QZ

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Opening Times

From: 03/11/2021 To: 04/11/2021

7.30pm - 8.30pm



£14 (£12) + Booking Fee