Passing The Baton - The Legacy of the Windrush Pioneers Documentary Premiere

Passing The Baton: The Legacy of The Windrush Pioneers is a 45 minute documentary-film produced by Nyara School of Arts in partnership with Sheffield City Council and The Independent Caribbean Kollective.

The film focuses on the legacy of the Windrush Generation and the ways in which they have shaped and enriched Sheffield’s cultural landscape through arts, culture, faith, and food. Most importantly, the film explores how that legacy stands as a foundation for future generations. Through a series of interviews and poetry, the film will explore the rich, complex and multi-layered Caribbean and British-Caribbean memories of home and it’s evolution through second and third-generation Caribbeans in Sheffield.

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Theatre Deli

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South Yorkshire

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On: 01/11/2021

18:00 - 21:00



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