Your Business on Sheffield's Visitor Websites

Sheffield has two main tourism/visitor websites, Welcome to Sheffield, and the newer The Outdoor City site. 

Many local businesses, including yours, feature on one or both of these sites.

We do not charge for listings on our sites, as the role of the websites is to promote Sheffield and it's range of businesses and attractions to potential visitors.  And, with around 50,000 visitors to the websites every month, your free listing is a big opportunity for you to attract new customers.  

With this in mind, it is important that your details are up to date and show your business in the best possible light to potential customers.

The business details on both sites are pulled from one main database, a database you can now access and update, meaning you have control over the information shown about your business.


Why should you do this?

Together, both websites have over half a million yearly visitors, which means a lot of people potentially looking at your business details - so it's essential for you that those details are correct on the sites. 

We are also in the process of re-organising our database and we need all businesses to register and verify their listing so we know which listings are live.

Aside from the importance of showing up to date business details, many of the business images on the database are too small to show correctly on the new Outdoor City site.  (If you search for you business on the website, you'll be able to see if your images have this problem)

As the Welcome to Sheffield site is also due to be updated, it is important that all images provided by businesses meet the recommended sizes, shown below. 


What do you need to do?

If you already have a login and password you can login here.

If not, please email   to request your login details.

Once you receive your login details you can access your entry and update your details.


How do you update your details?

Here you can download our How To Guide, which will guide you through how to update your details once you're registered with a login.


What should you update?

Within the above guide, you'll find all the business details you can change and update, below are the essential updates we need.

Contact and Business Details 

We need to ensure that all business details and contact details are correct on our listings, so we need all listing owners to register their login details and confirm their details.   Even if your details are correct, please register for the service and retype your entry to ensure their are no mistakes. 

This is important so not only can you update your details in the furture, but we will know that your listing is 'live' and needs to stay active on the sites.


Ensure your images are of good quality and are big enough to show correctly on the sites.  If you search for your listing on the websites, you'll see if they are big enough to display properly.  This is particulaly the case on The Outdoor City site, but will soon also be true of the Welcome to Sheffield site.   

You can upload your images at the recommended image size = 1224 x 717 px


Opening Times

Due to how the websites present business information, it is important that you follow the opening times update in the How to Guide . 



If you have any problems at any stage, please email and we can advise the best way to update your business listing.