Get Together festival is - as the name suggests - a friendly affair.

It's about having a great time discovering new music whilst meeting some great people, and also enjoying some tasty food and drink from local producers while you're at it.

It's about ditching the attitude that can come with music sometimes; about letting yourself go and coming together at the same time.

They blew people away in their first year (2021) with Self Esteem and Tim Burgess as headliners, and are now continuing to push their agenda of showcasing the best emerging talent and 'about-to-breakthrough' acts. 

With plans afoot for 2023 already, to move further into the city and keep growing, this is definitely a festival to keep your eye on and make sure you come along to. If not for the fact you'll see some incredible live music, just to be able to say 'I was there when they started' once they've got big...

Highlights from 2021