World’s fastest car spawns revolution in golf putter design

World’s fastest car spawns revolution in golf putter design

04 April 2014

A Yorkshire company aiming to showcase British engineering on the world stage by producing the most advanced golf club ever produced using technology, DNA and materials from a revolutionary £42 million supersonic car is seeking backers.

Zen Golf Works, a ground-breaking Sheffield city region golf equipment manufacturer, aims to raise £100,000 from the public by the end of April to enable the project to progress.

In return, supporters are promised unique rewards which could far outweigh the initial value of their investment.

Businesses and the public can pledge a sum of between £10 to £1,500 to the project via the website under a relatively new concept known as crowd funding. This aims to secure a large number of funders offering modest amounts to assist companies with limited access to traditional funding routes.

Those supporting the Zen Bloodhound Golf project with £10 will have their name written on the tail fin of the Bloodhound SSC supercar which is attempting a world land speed record next year before going on permanent public display.

Supporters pledging £1,000 or more will be guaranteed one of the first 100 putters which are tipped to become much sought-after collectors’ items.

Each putter will have the signatures of the car’s driver Wing Commander Andy Green and project director Richard Noble OBE engraved on the head to confirm its authenticity.

In total only 1000 of the Zen Bloodhound putters will be made at Zen’s partner workshop at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Waverley, South Yorkshire, the home of Rolls Royce and Boeing research facilities.

They will be the most highly advanced putters in the world – and the most accurate – according to the company that has achieved global recognition with earlier products.

It will be manufactured from the same materials taken from the Bloodhound SSC car, due to make a record attempt next year and smash the 1000 mph in 2016 in a project that has been heralded as the most adventurous of its type ever undertaken.

The putters will incorporate alloys from the car’s wheels, which weight for weight are more valuable than gold.

Nick Middleton, Zen Golf Works project leader said: “We have teamed up with Bloodhound SSC whose target of a land speed of 1000mph is one of the earth’s most incredible challenges. Our own challenge is to encapsulate this same engineering excellence and spirit of adventure by creating the most awesome golf putter of all time.

“We do not have the backing of a multi-national company and we are relying on public support to ‘kickstart’ the project. But the rewards for showing support are great, not only for individuals pledging cash, but also for the innovatory traditions of British engineering.

“We believe this putter will put the UK on the centre stage of global golf manufacturing.”

Crowd funding is a concept that originated in America where it has successfully helped raise finance for scores of projects in arts and technology. Zen Golf Works is hoping the British public will rally to support what would be a significant coup for British manufacturing.

For more information please contact Nick Middleton, Zen Golf 07971 403627 or